An American Man Is Born!

I have been kicking around blog ideas for some time.  On this particular lazy Sunday morning, as I lay in bed in Jacó, Costa Rica, listening to the light rain and enjoying my Costa Rican coffee with Brogan’s Irish Creme and Moka syrup, I ran some trial domain names through GoDaddy as I already have a longstanding account.

A GoDaddy WordPress hosting plan for two sites included a free domain and SSL certificate, and as such I was left to come up with AnAmericanMan, yet another domain name I simply couldn’t believe wasn’t already taken.   Domain registration and a WordPress hosting plan for two sites set me back only $130, the $60 SSL free for a year.

So, here it is later the same day and the blog is up and running.  To boot, Google AdSense has a WordPress plugin (something I had already researched), and I still have an account from a website project of some years ago.  And I purchased the Pro version of the Tortuga theme for €49, about $55 now.

So the short of it is this, you can have a blog or a website up and running the same day you decide to get off your ass and purchase a domain, and you can easily tie either in with an AdSense account and start earning ad revenue.  Now, I’m not suggesting you quit your day job, but perhaps it beats delivered pizza and clipping your toenails while watching reruns and gym equipment infomercials.

And, download the smartphone WordPress application, which works well with an SSL certificate for a self-hosted (e.g., GoDaddy hosted), and even better with a WordPress hosted site (, and you can easily update the blog with posts, media and comments.  I think you should cough up the couple bucks for your own domain, and you might look at hosting plans first as sometimes they offer a promotion including a free domain.  Just sayin’.

The challenge is then on you, and me, to create regular, high-value content with broad appeal.

From The Shawshank Redemption, “Get busy living, or get busy dying.”  Which do you want?

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